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Snap shots of Greece: A Colour Analysis

Australians are well known for being great travellers. We love seeing new places, trying new foods, meeting new people. We love seeing how the rest of the world does things. But for the longest while we have been stuck here. Within our island home. Here is a series of snap shots of Greece that I thought might be of interest. These are not typical snap shots but every little observation of a culture gives us a deeper insight into what makes us different and what makes us the same.

Hip Bars of Athens. No. 4: Barrett

Hip Bars of Athens No.4: Barrett is found at Protogenous 11, Athens 105, 54 Greece. Shiftazine has been featuring interesting bars of Athens for a few years now and it is always so much fun to bring another establishment into the light. These bars are not a fad, that just sprung up for a few years and then, like so many other things, just faded away. They have traction and with that, I am so glad to say, will be around for the foreseeable future.

Shopping in Japan

A great deal of Japan’s Millennial generation now displays a more conservative spending pattern due to the GFC of 2008, and the tsunami and nuclear disasters of 2011.They exercise greater frugality in their major purchasing discussions compared to previous generations, and are now favouring the wonderful flea markets, especially in Tokyo such as the International Forum Weekend Markets, for that fantastic bargin or unique find. And although the younger generation of Japan are more sensible with their purcahsing habits, the great department stores of Tokyo still rise out of the urban landscape as temples of delight and will never fade.Long live shopping in Japan…it is the BEST!!!

Sumo and a long black

The chance finding of this beyond quirky basement cafe was driven by the desire to have a coffee that was not a tourist nightmare.  Through our prescription sunglasses, our eagle eye gaze scanned the landscape of Waseda Dori in great detail. And there it was, the most unlikely doorway promised a once in a life-time experience. Down we went, dipping our heads so as not to bang them on the low ceiling. End result was a memorable, unique location, with a coffee that was not so bad, while the Sumo wrestling was playing on an old TV in the background. I was right. Did I mention I LOVE Tokyo?

Hip Bars of Athens: No. 3: Juan RodriguesAthensBar.3.Cover
This is a surprising bar, hidden in the up and coming funky part of Athens, Psyri. It is a great place to hide from the noon-day sun with a cool beer. It is an equally fun place in the night as one of the places to bar hop to.
Pallados 3, Athina 105 54, Greece                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Coming up for air in BrisbaneBrisbane.2018.1

Saturday morning, first thing, off to the ‘The Old BoatHouse’, to see what we can buy. This place is full of objects and furniture that are just waiting to be given a second chance to be loved. Then to James Street for a drink in the foyer bar of the new Calile Hotel. Later that night, live music at ‘The Milk Factory around the corner from The GOMA in the West End. Sunday morning recovery with breakfast at the Stables in Albion just next to Fox Street. And finally to finish off the weekend with great wine, music and old style dancing at Hot Sunday Club, now at the Wandering Chefs, also in the West End. Brisbane, the world city where you find fun, joy and a car park with not much traffic or hassle anytime of the weekend.


Seasonal Concepts, Redfern, Sydney, AustraliaShift_SC.DPS.1

Pony Fish, Melbourne, AustraliaShift_PonyFish.2.lo

PonyFish is a truly unique bar which nestles under the Yarra Pedestrian Footbridge (connecting Southbank to Flinders Street station). A set of stairs, found at the road level, on the Southbank side, takes you down to this watery wonderland. As the City of Melbourne website descibes it “The vibe is eccentric, and the city perspective is very different”.


Regent Street, Redfern, Sydney, AustraliaShift_Regent-St-Shopping.1

Roller Door Cafe, Hamilton North, Newcastle, AustraliaShift_Roller.Cover

City Circus, Athens, GreeceCityCircus.1.lo

City Circus is a wonderful hostel, literally in the heart of Athens. 
It is a ‘ball of style’. CITY CIRCUS ATHENS 16 Sarri str. Athens 105 53, Greece  tel. +30 2130 237244 fax. +30 2130 237244 email. info[at]citycircus[dot]gr skype. city circus


Old school, Spring Hills Baths, Brisbane, AustraliaSpringHillBaths.lo


Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, JapanTokyoMuseum.3.lo

Urban Station, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaShift_Urban.1

A market is the heart beat of a community, Queen Victoria Markets, MelbourneQV.Markets.1.lo
Suspenion Cafe, Newcastle, AustraliaSuspension.17.lo

Mochlos, Mirenbello Bay, Crete, GreeceMoclos.2.lo

Tables of driftwood. Made by hand for a wonderful bar that is perched on ancient lava flows which spill into the Moclos Bay. The same bay and view enjoyed by Anthony and Cleopatra who stopped in enroute to battle with the Roman legions he had deserted for the love of a great beauty. These tables hold great beauty too. Not just rubbish adrift on the waves but are the separate pieces that make delightful furniture.


Madame Brussles, Melbourne, AustraliaShift_mmd.Brussels.lo
Carriage Works, Sydney, AustraliaShift_PlasticPopup.lo
Good Brother, Newcastle, AustraliaShift_Brothers.Cover

Coffee, Tea and Me, Redfern, Sydney, AustraliaShift_Weightable.1.lo
Growing together, inner city Sydney, AustraliaShift_Gardens.COVER
Inner city Athens, GreeceShift_Chaos


Hit the road JackShift_Caravan.1.lo


The Modern WorldShift_50s.A.lo
Branch, Tokyo, JapanBranch.1.lo

Japan and France, Tokyo and Paris, who knew that there was such a connection between these two dynamic, sophisticated cultures. There is a famous landmark in Tokyo called the Tokyo Tower. It looks like the Eiffel Tower of Paris. There are lots of French clothing brands like Chanel and Dior in the Ginza and if you go to the Sunday flea market at the International Forum, you will find beautiful, hand painted La morgue plates among the many other French delights and antiques for sale.

And then there is ‘branch’ in Yutenji, (not far from Meguro)  Tokyo. It is perfect, with its delicious French food and the person who creates this beautiful experience, Naomi.

Freshly made pork pate that was out of this world with texture. Baby corn and fresh broad beans char-grilled. Pickled vegetables, such a perfect foil for the rich pork pate. Shredded carrot and red cabbage just made, and full of sweetness all go to create
Naomi’s The Deli Plate. All home made, fresh every day: Soup of the day; Pate; Sandwiches; Deli plate; Tart; Fresh pie; Lemon cake. By herself, this dynamo produces food from the gods.

THE BEACH in East Kreberg, BerlinShift_Boats-Burning.1.lo

THE BEACH IN EAST KREZBERG. Where boats burn and wine flagons glow. Everything has a second life. A ‘tinnie’ becomes a BBQ. A wine or olive oil flagon becomes an outdoor light.


Land of the Rugged individualShift_RuggedIndiv.1.lo


Living in BerlinShift_BerlinFastLane.lo


Coffee, Tea, and MeCTM.Cover

Began in Redfern, Sydney about twelve years ago. It has grown in numbers and now can be found throughout the inner city suburbs of Marrickville, Zetland and others.

The Hip Bars of Athens No.2: SpinsterSpiniterAthensBar.1.lo
The Hip Bars of Athens No.1: Drunk like SinatraAthensBar.Layout.1
107 Projects RedfernShift_107.2.lo


A cool idea in an area that is heating upC&S.1.lo

C&S.3.loThey make good gelato.


A Cosy HavenArcadia.1

Arcadia.3Arcadia Liquors, yet another great bar in Redfern, Sydney, Australia.


Can I have a drink with my etching, please?BeardedTit.1

BeardedTit.2The Bearded Tit: A great bar in Redfern, Sydney, Australia


The Creator IncubatorCreatorIncq.1

CreatorIncq.3Best kept secret in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.