Butterfly Effect. November 2020

The butterfly effect is an idea that is more commonly used in chaos theory. A small change can make much bigger changes happen; one small incident can have a big impact on the future. The idea started from weather prediction. … This term can be used in areas other than weather.

This term was developed by Edward Norton Lorenz (May 23, 1917 – April 16, 2008) who was an American mathematician and meteorologist. He established the theoretical basis of weather and climate predictability, as well as the basis for computer-aided atmospheric physics and meteorology.

This Wallism is opposite from Green Beacon Brewing Co in Helen Street, Teneriffe, Brisbane. this area is full of wonderful, micro boutique breweries. Each have their own personalities and clientel.

Here is a list of ‘must visit’ breweries:

Green Beacon Brewing Co, Helen St Teneriffe

Stone and Wood Brewery, Bridge St, Fortitude Valley

Felons Brewing Co., Boundary St, Brisbane

Range Brewing, Byres St, Newstead

Soapbox Beer, Gipps St, Fortitude Valley

Our smiles are our armour. April 2020

Smiling makes us attractive.
Smiling relieves stress.
Smiling elevates our moods.
Smiling is contagious.
Smiling boosts your immune system.
Smiling lowers your blood pressure.
Smiling makes us feel good.
Smiling makes you look younger.
Smiling makes you seem successful.
Smiling helps you stay positive.

Patterns. February 2019

This image, captured by Felix Oppen, is a great example of a ‘Wallism’. Urban art generously created and installed by an anonymous artist, brings pattern, colour and provocative imagery to our dull and often artless urban landscape.

A concrete pillow. July 2018
Concrete Pillow.  It is hard, cold and unforgiving. All morning, day and night. Many think I chose this life for me. They say it’s not their fight. Jacob Folger December 22, 2011

Athens, Greece. May 2018
The walls of this splendid city are full of ‘wallisms’. They come in many styles, some are just spontaneous scribbles, some call it graffiti. Some are well executed images, that are considered and crafted and beautiful.

Old school. October 2017

Package design is an ever present part of the urban landscape. Strangely, cigarette and tobacco packaging, a key to the overall identity of this commodity, is vilified in many modern cultures. In more ‘old school’ cultures, this visual language is still considered an attractive and acceptable part of the every day advertising and promotion campaigns.

Tokyo, Japan. August 2017

The image of the left hand page was found in a Tokyo subway station. It was an illuminated billboard for some advertising campaign and there were about 10 in the series. All the images were 19th century inspired Japanese based imagery but it really evoked a sense of contemporary Manga drawings for me. The image on the right hand page is a current ‘Wallism’ of the Lord Gladstone in Chippendale, inner Sydney.

Kenridge and Rome. April 2017

Together at last. Feburary 2017

Athens, Greece. August 2016

Beautiful homes and buildings crumbling due to neglect and hard times are being reinvented and turned into canvases upon which wonderful, playful imagery is placed. A statement of renaissance and defiance driven by the artists of Athens which ensures this eternal city maintains contemporary relevance.

The musing of Athens. July 2016

Rip, tear, see. May 2016

Walking home can sometimesbe a drag. Sometimes it throws wonderful things in front us. Pure ‘corner of the eye’ stuff. This example of Wallism was found at the intersection of Cleveland and Regent Streets, Redfern / Chippendale. It is a happy accident of actions and reactions. Just love finding something I was not looking for.

Oy, Oy, Oy. April 2016
The “Afghans” or “Ghans” were camel caravaners who worked in Outback Australia from the 1860s to the 1930s.

J O Y. January 2016

Delight, great pleasure, joyfulness, jubilation, triumph, exultation, rejoicing, happiness, gladness, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture; enjoyment, felicity, joie de vivre, jouissance; literary jocundity. pleasure, source of pleasure, treat, thrill. And I bet you experience one of the above at least once a day. Be grateful for that and be in that moment.

Write drunk. Edit sober. October 2015

Larger than Life. Brisbane, Australia. April 2015

Just hanging around. Feburary 2015

A hero. January 2015

This two storey tall portrait of Australian journalist Peter Greste appeared on a wall in Redfern about mid December 2015, and served the purpose of reminding us of the plight of this unjustly imprisoned man and in it’s own small way was a part of Peter’s eventual release. The notion that we are helpless in adversity is not altogether correct. See the outcome, believe in the outcome, focus on the outcome. Live life as if the outcome is inevitable.

Whats new pussy cat? December 2014

The word ‘Anthropomorphism’ is a noun. It means to attribute human characteristics or behavior to a god, an animal, or an object. We tend to give inanimate objects personalities. We project human qualities onto our animals. These are two really good examples of this. Just love what people do on walls.

Newcastle, NSW, Australia. November 2014
May Lane, St Peters, Sydney. September 2014

Life is black and white, sometimes. August 2014

There is a lane way, well two lane ways, in the inner west area of Sydney called Mary Lane, and it is the venue for an art gallery that has gradually appeared and grown. This fantastic and organic art venue is full of the most beautiful and diverse contemporary street art. From street knitting to old school type based graffiti murals to beautiful paintings of herons (as this one). It is Wallism at its finest.

Chalk talk. June 2014

To make one’s mark. April 2014

Another slice. March 2014

Dialogue. Feburary 2014

Little heros. January 2014

A fresh refresh. November 2013

Going, going, almost gone. September 2013

I remember when I shot these images I had a thought that this Wallism was doomed. This beautiful piece of visual communication, this wonderful, unique Wallism was torn down soon after, for no apparent reason. Then, eventually some god awful badly designed apartment block was put in its place. Old is not bad. New is not always good.

The fawn. August 2013

A love letter to type. June 2013

Glisten. April 2013

Love is love. Feburary 2013

The stuff of life. October 2012

Horizontal on vertical. June 2012

Good dog. August 2011.

The ‘ISM’ of the 21st century. June 2011

Rothko in the streets. April 2011

This was the first ‘Wallism’. It was just around the corner from my house and I walked past it everyday. Then suddenly, I got it. This was art.