Issue No:21. Yellow
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Yellow is the colour of the intellect. It is symbolic of positivity. It is an uplifting colour. It is the first colour the eye registers. It is a primary, subtractive colour. It is key in our visual language.

Issue No:20. The Brisbane Issue
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Sitting in the topical north of Australia, Brisbane is often not credited as a model of a modern city. It is a gem of a town, rich with culture on many levels. Go there and see for yourself.

Issue No:19. The Melbourne Issue
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Engaging snap shots of the things shiftazine loves about this diverse and complex city, Melbourne. It never grows old.

Issue No:18. Enjoy
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It is difficult to not sound a bit ‘wet’ when talking about the notion of ‘enjoy’. The following quote does go to attempting to sum up Shiftazine’s philosophy.

“We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.”
Earl Nightingale 

Issue No:17. Neat Street Treats
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Shift your gaze a little and look at what is just in the corner of your eye. It may be some street art, street writing, street furniture or a wonderful revelation in the disguise. The street is a generous place with a whole lot of stuff just waiting to be found.

Issue 16: Inner Niceties
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It’s the little things that bring delight to our lives, to our world, that make it well rounded and resolved.

Issue 15: Observations of COLOUR
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As Karl Gerstner wrote in his ‘The Form of Colour’, “Colour is light…colour is substance… colour is perception… colour is sensation…” Colour is constant.

Issue No:14. Wallism
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Walls stand by and witness the comings and goings of a society. They serve as canvases for anyone who feels the need to create an image. The new ‘ism’ of our time…Wallism.

Issue No:13. Thinking Aloud
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A collection of personal images and written thoughts of a visual diary that have provided constant creative themes and inspiration.

Issue No:12. Art!
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Shiftazine has looked and enjoyed and celebrated wonderful, simple, clever ideas, situations, and solutions.
The following pages are full of images that may inspire you to see your world with a different perspective.

Issue 11: Fifth Anniversary
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For the past five years Shiftazine has looked and enjoyed and celebrated wonderful, simple, clever ideas, situations, and solutions.
The following pages are full of images that inspire Shiftazine. Maybe they will inspire you to see your world with a different perspective.

Issue No:10. Some Great Ideas
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Great and simple ideas surround us. This Issue No. 10 looks at some of these ideas that have been realised by clever, inventive and resourceful people. Or as Arnold H. Glasgow once said “An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. “

Issue No:9. Interesting Places
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Interesting Places can come in many guises. They prick a curiosity, an engagement, generate a sense of fisson. We remember them. We refer to them. We search for them.

Issue No:8. Colour Book
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This issue is near to Shiftazine’s heart as colour is the fuel that drives our inspiration. The pages of Issue No.8 is full of reflections, memories, images and personal but hopefully helpful observations of the colours of the spectrum.

Issue No:7. Two weeks in Berlin

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Two weeks in Berlin inspired this issue.
A city so dense with energy and creative response to urban life it is impossible to represent the entire story. So enjoy this small slice, its a start.

Issue 6: An internal life
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An Internal Life. Some examples of creative and inventive interiors full of shiftazine thinking and love.                                                                                                          

Issue No:5. JoyDay
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 issue 5 looks back on the past JOYDAY spread from the past 3 years

Issue No:4. Gutter Talk
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Browse though words, images, objects and thoughts found on the streets of inner Sydney.

Issue No:3. Wonderment
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Everyone is time poor and image hungry, so Shiftazine’s March issue is full of DPSs. Short and Snappy. Enjoy!

Issue No:2. The Martyn Thompson Interview
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Martyn Thompson, an important photographer and crafter of beauty speaks about love, beauty and just stuff in general.

Issue No:1. Shifting
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SHIFTAZINE is about celebrating what is out there, already in your life, right in front of you. And now Shiftazine is making a shift forward by combining some of the favorite posts from shiftazine’s blog ( with some new observations to bring the Shiftazine experience to the turning page. Enjoy!